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jasmine bubbleZachariah held up a candle and Charlotte was sure that he was real. Zachariah explained that his death was just a trick to fool Jaggery. Charlotte then told him that Mr.Hollybrass was murdered and that was why she was in the brig. As they talked about who could have  murdered Mr. Hollybrass, Charlotte started thinking that Zachariah had killed him. Zachariah then pulled some rusty bars off and let Charlotte sit next to him. They continued to talk and found out that everyone of the crew members had a reason to kill Mr. Hollybrass. Zachariah started telling dark tales of the crew members and Charlotte thought some more. With each word he said Charlotte was more sure that he had killed Mr.Hollybrass. A noise interrupted her thinking. Someone was coming down. Charlotte got up, went back into her cell, and Zachariah put the rusty bars back in. Captain Jaggery came and unlocked the cell. Captain Jaggery said,” Miss Doyle, your trial commences. When they emerged on to the deck Charlotte saw that Jaggery had turned it into some kind of a courtroom. The crew sat in two rows, some sitting on the deck, the rest standing behind. Before them, a chair from Captain Jaggery’s cabin had been placed. Jaggery sat down in his chair and pounded on the deck rail with the end of his pistol. Which meant the start of the trial. He then took a bible and went from person to person so they had to promise to tell the truth. Jaggery accused Charlotte of the murder of Mr. Hollybrass. Charlotte pleaded innocent and said that she would not hide behind her father’s name. Captian Jaggery then started with the questions. He asked if anyone would defend Charlotte, but no one stepped up. Jaggery held up the dirk that was used to kill Mr.Hollybrass and asked Charlotte if she recognized it. She told him she did recognize it. He  made her explain again to him where she got the dirk and this time Charlotte told the truth. Captain Jaggery then told the crew that she had lied to him before. He asked everyone if they had seen Charlotte with the dirk and they had. Jaggery asked if anyone on the crew had threatned her. Charlotte said that Captain Jaggery himself threatened her when he struck her across the face. He then explained that he hits all of his crew members and at the time she was part of the crew. He asked Charlotte what had happened to Zachariah and she explained what they all already knew. Not once did Charlotte mention that Zachariah was still alive. After many arguments and questions Captain Jaggery asked if anyone wanted to say anything on her behalf, but no one spoke. He declared a verdict. Jaggery accused Charlotte of killing Mr.Hollybrass. No one objected to the verdict. He then declared that Charlotte was to be hung in 24 hours. Jaggery  hit the deck rail with his pistol. The trial was over. Captain Jaggery led Charlotte back to the brig,  locked her up again, and left. Charlotte slumped down and started to cry. Before long Zachariah came and removed the rusty bars. She told Zachariah about the trial,the verdict, and the punishment. She then tried to make Zachariah admit to killing Mr.Hollybrass but he said that he didn’t do it. Zachariah told Charlotte that during the storm Captain Jaggery did see him before he went up to the mainmast. When he saw Zachariah, Captain Jaggery was arguing with Mr.Hollybrass. Charlotte and Zachariah started thinking and came to the conclusion that Captain Jaggery had killed Mr.Hollybrass and tried to turn Charlotte and Zachariah against each other. They started thinking of a plan to get Jaggery to admit that he had killed Mr.Hollybrass. They had decided since Charlotte knew where the key to Captain Jaggery’s musket safe was, she would get the key, get the muskets and turn against him, forcing him to tell the truth. They knew they would need a distraction to get Captain Jaggery out of his cabin, so Zachariah went to go get someone to help. He returned with Keetch and they told him the entire plan. Keetch went off to make a distraction. About five minutes later Charlotte went off to get the key. When Charlotte arrived in the cabin Captain Jaggery was sitting in his chair waiting for her. He then explained that Keetch had told him everything. Jaggery did admit to killing Mr.Hollybrass. He then gave Charlotte three choices she could put on her proper clothes and they would forget all about what happened, she could go back to the brig and be hung in the morning, or she could go on with her plan, but word would get out and she would be prosecuted.  She ran out the door and onto the deck. Captain Jaggery followed and once on the deck, pointed his pistol at her. He accused Charlotte of trying to kill him while he was sleeping. Charlotte denied it and told the crew that he killed Mr.Hollybrass. They slowly edged their way down to the forecastle steps when the bow of the ship plunged. Captain Jaggery slipped off the ship and into the water never to be seen again. After the incident Charlotte was named captain of the ship. In the log Captain Jaggery and Mr.Hollybrass were said to have been swept away during the hurricane. A few days later they reached Providence. Charlotte put on her dress and bonnet and went to meet her family at the docks. On the way to their house, Charlotte told many lies to her family about the captain, her hair, and the voyage. Her Father had asked to see her journal and she gave it to him. She went to her room and waited to be called down. About two hours later Charlotte was called down. When she got to her father and her mother she saw hr journal in the fire. They had not believed in her and thought she had written a story in her journal. She was then grounded to her room. Over the next few days she asked the maid to bring newspapers. One of the days she found was she was looking for, a departure for Europe on the Seahawk. That night she dressed in her clothes she wore on the ship and headed for the docks. When there she boarded the ship and told Zachariah that she wanted to be on the crew again. By the morning the Seahawk set sail, and so did Charlotte.

The End

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After Charlotte  agreed to climb the Royal Yard, she and the crew went out on the deck. Charlotte had decided to go up to the top using the ratlines. She stood there, frozen for a few seconds trying to grasp what she was about to do. After much thinking, Charlotte grabbed on to the rope and started climbing. She looked down a few times but still kept on climbing. When she was closer to the top the ship kept swaying and turning. Charlotte felt as if she would puke. She still had thirty or more feet to go. Charlotte continued up, inch by inch. About ten minutes later, she had reached the top of the Royal Yard. She then needed to go back down. As she started to descend, she realized it was much harder to go back down. Charlotte still kept going down. When she reached the main yard she then fell. She was searching with her left foot for the next ratline when she slipped. The fall made her lose her balance and she tumbled backwards, getting her feet caught up in the lines. Charlotte screamed and tried to grab a hold of something, but failed.  Then, with all her strength, she levered herself up and grabbed the line, freeing herself. Charlotte then continued down. When she edged past the lowest of sails the crew yelled out, “Huzzah!” Finally, she reached the bottom and dropped down to the deck. The crew gave her anther “Huzzah!” Then right after their cheers Captain Jaggery came out on to the deck. Captain Jaggery then yelled out, “Miss Doyle, what is the meaning of this?’  Charlotte didn’t say anything. When she remained silent Captain Jaggery demanded,” Why are you dressed in such a scandalous fashion? Answer me!” Charlotte then explained that she had joined the crew. Captain Jaggery was flabbergasted. He ordered Charlotte to go back to her cabin. She  told him again that she was part of the crew and no longer a passenger. Captain Jaggery then said,” Very well, if crew you are then crew you shall remain. You will not be given the chance to change your mind. I shall drive you as I choose.”  He then told Mr.Hollybrass to remove Charlotte’s belongings from her cabin and put her down as Mister Doyle. Throughout the next few days Charlotte did her duties as a crew member.  Captain Jaggery was always looking for something to complain about when Charlotte was around, but she never let him. One afternoon on Charlotte’s watch, Captain Jaggery called for her to fix the bowsprit. Before she went up Grimes explained to her what to do when she got up there. He told her that if she didn’t time it properly the sea would come up and grab her. Grimes then lent Charlotte his knife. When she got to the bowsprit she leaned over and took Grimes’s knife from her pocket and began to cut. The knife cut freely. So much so that the last few strand of the rope snapped. The sail then boomed out and the bowsprit plunged. Charlotte started to slip and fall. She managed to grab on to the bowsprit leaving her feet dangling over the water. Someone then took the wheel, the ship shifted course, and ceased to plunge. Captain Jaggery then called for Charlotte. He yelled at her,” You have caused us to change course and lose time!” Before she could respond he struck her across the face. Nothing more was said for a while as the captain went back to his quarters. Grimes then suggested that he teach her how to handle a knife. Later, word was spread that a hurricane was coming and the captain wasn’t going to avoid it. It was two bells in the next morning when the storm struck. Captain Jaggery called all hands on deck. Then as everyone came out he called all hands aloft. Everyone was to go up to the rigging and fix the sails. Charlotte asked Jaggery what she should do. He  told her that she needed to go and cut away the foreyard. Captain Jaggery lent Charlotte his knife and she started to climb. As she climbed higher the wind seemed to blow harder and her hair kept blowing in her face. Charlotte then took out the knife and cut most of her hair off and continued to climb. When she was up higher she heard a splintering crack of wood but still kept climbing. When she reached the foreyard she began to cut the ropes. With each cut she made the sail flew out more freely. When she finished her job, Charlotte  grabbed on to the spar and flung forward. She then slipped and was hanging on for dear life. “Help!” she screamed. “Help me!” Suddenly a figure appeared at the spar. “Charlotte!” the figure yelled. “Take my hand.”  Charlotte grabbed on and was pulled upward on to the spar. She then glanced up at the figure and saw the face of Zachariah. They  heard a great explosion above them. Charlotte looked up to see the foreyard was ripped away. She  turned her head back around to see Zachariah had vanished. Charlotte then went back down. When she was on the deck, she saw men with axes trying to demolish the stump that was left of the mainmast . Charlotte ran quickly to help them. She started moving piles of debris. When she reached the bottom of the pile she saw Mr. Hollybrass face down with a knife in his back. She had recognized  the knife in his back, it was the dirk that Zachariah had given her. Captain Jaggery then came to him and pulled something out of his hand. It was Charlotte’s handkerchief. Captain Jaggery then told everyone to remove the body. Charlotte went to the forecastle. She fell asleep and woke up fourteen hours later. She went on deck and asked Ewing and Keetch why they haven’t called her for her watch. They explained that Captain Jaggery told them not to because he believes Charlotte was the one who killed Mr.Hollybrass. Charlotte was appalled. She tried to ask the men if they believed him but she didn’t get an answer. Captain Jaggery then came out and said, “Miss Doyle, I charge you in the murder of Mr.Hollybrass.” He explained to her that she would have a trial and was to be sent to the brig. Barlow grabbed Charlotte and led her to the brig. He put her in a cell. When Barlow left, Charlotte just sat there for a while. She heard footsteps coming towards her. “Who’s there?” She asked. After a moment she heard, “Charlotte is that you?” Charlotte leaped to her feet. Someone came to her cell. Charlotte then realized it was Zachariah.

I have put a poem that relates to the story down below.

accused of something,
i didn’t even do.
not once did you ask,
or find out the truth.
you just believed,
everything they said.
and your words,
they still ring in my head.
depression sinking,
getting worse everyday.
no matter what,
it won’t go away.
accused of something,
not even true.
never asked,
just walked away.
so i sit here,
false accusations on my shoulder.
and guess what?
i just sunk lower.
This Poem  By: Baily Ann

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Captain Jaggery and Mr. Hollybrass were preparing to confront the crew members. Jaggery went to his safe and grabbed two pistols, and threw one at Mr. Hollybrass, who caught it. Captain Jaggery, Mr.Hollybrass, and Charlotte then went to the quarterdeck, rang the bell, and called all hands on deck. The first person to appear on deck was Mr. Keetch. Then, a couple seconds later, the rest of the crew came bursting out with blood-curdling screams. Of the nine crew members everyone, except Zachariah, were carrying weapons. Captain Jaggery pointed a musket at them and they stopped dead in their tracks. Charlotte then noticed that there was a tenth man standing below them. She looked at him closely and realized he only had one arm. Standing before them was Cranick. He was the stowaway,Charlotte realized. Captain Jaggery swept to the rail and then began to speak. He too realized that Cranick was before them, and sarcasticly welcomed him aboard. “Captain Jaggery, we said we would be revenged upon you, did we not?” mr. Cranick said. ” I paid no more mind to it then than i do now,” Captain Jaggery said. With his good arm, Cranick managed to pull out the round robin. He said that it declared Captain Jaggery unfit to be captain. After several minutes of arguing Captain Jaggery pointed his musket at Cranick and shot him. Cranick fell to the floor in pain and died several seconds later. Captain Jaggery said that anyone who stepped forward would have the same fate. He then told the crew to drop their weapons and they did so immediately. Captain Jaggery asked who would take responsibility for their actions and face the punishment. No one said anything. Captain Jaggery then said since no one would speak up, Charlotte would choose who it would be. Charlotte was shocked that the captain would put her in such a position. She refused to do such a thing so Captain Jaggery chose for her. He then told Zachariah to step forward and face the punishment. Jaggery pulled out a whip and told Mr. Hollybrass to tie up Zachariah and give him fifty lashes. Mr. Hollybrass took the whip and started to bash Zachariah repeatedly. Charlotte was appalled and tried to stop him from whipping Zachariah. She grabbed the whip and tried to  pull it away but in the process hit Captain Jaggery in the face. This gave him a gash from his chin to his ear. Captain Jaggery was furious. He took  the whip and began ferociously thrashing it at Zachariah. Charlotte quickly ran back to her cabin and cried on her bed. She thought of what the right thing to do was and decided she needed to apologize to Captain Jaggery. When Charlotte arrived to apologize, Captain Jaggery yelled at her and said that he wanted nothing to do with her. When Charlotte walked out of the captain’s quarters she saw the crew members gathered around a hammock with what looked like a body inside of it. She then realized she had walked upon Zachariah’s funeral. He had been beaten to death. Charlotte raced back to her room and cried some more. About an hour later the captain called all hands on deck. Charlotte was curious so she hid where she could still see the deck. Captain Jaggery said since Zachariah died Mr. Hollybrass would take his place in the galley. Someone else would take Mr.Hollybrass’s place as the first mate. (sorry i forgot my book and i can’t remember who took his place) After they heard the news, Charlotte went to the galley and tried to apologize to Mr. Hollybrass. He said that she could do nothing to make it up to the crew. Charlotte then remembered the garments that Zachariah made for her. She rushed to her room and put them on. Charlotte went down to the forecastle and begged the crew to let her join the crew. Everyone said that she couldn’t make it as a sailor. Charlotte just wouldn’t drop the subject and said she would do anything to get on the crew. Foley then suggested that she climb the royal yard and if she made it down alive she could join the crew.

I am now going to write a description of a personal experience that came to mind while i was reading the book.

About a year ago my family and I went to a graduation party in Revere, MN. We were at a park and I was hanging out with a group of boys and they dared me to climb to the top of a flagpole. They all said that I couldn’t do it and that I would fall. So, determined, i started the long climb to the top. When I was about half way there, i made the mistake of looking down and thought that I should back down. But I wasn’t going to go back down now so, i kept going.  I made it all the way up and back down in one piece! (phew!) Boy, did I prove those boys wrong!

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        When Zachariah was done telling Charlotte about Captain Jaggery, Mr. Hollybrass came in and told Charlotte that the Captain would like to invite Charlotte for tea. Charlotte then gladly excepted. Mr. Hollybrass led Charlotte to the captain’s quarters and then left. While having tea, Captain Jaggery said that his crew doesn’t understand kindness and they demand a strong hand. Captain Jaggery then asked Charlotte to be the eyes and ears among the men and to report to him if she sees or hears anything suspicious. He also said to report to him if she sees a round robin. ( a round robin is a drawing of two circles, one within the other, with signatures in the space between the circles.) Captain Jaggery Said if she sees a round robin it could save their lives. Captain Jaggery also said that he kept a rack of muskets in his safe and that they were the only guns on the ship. Charlotte then told Jaggery about the dirk and she tried to give it to him, but he too said she should keep it for protection. Charlotte asked if someone could accompany her to go get her trunk so Captain Jaggery told Mr. Barlow to go with her. Mr. Barlow Led Charlotte to her trunk and then left her. While she was looking through her stuff Charlotte had the feeling that she was being watched by someone. She suddenly looked around, to her left, to her right, and right in front of her. Charlotte didn’t see anything but there was one place left to check: behind her. She turned around and saw a grinning face. The candle that was providing light, then went out. Charlotte then grabbed the dirk and looked around. She came forward and saw the grinning face again and studied it closely. The face turned out to be a carving. When Charlotte was back in her cabin she started thinking about what had happened. She then decided that she did see someone  and that person put out her candle and placed the carving to trick her. Charlotte decided not to tell the captain because she didn’t want to be thought as a foolish child. Over the next few days it began to grow hot and the ship barely moved because there was no wind blowing. Charlotte was drinking tea with Captain Jaggery while he was sewing up a jacket. Jaggery’s needle broke and Charlotte said she would fetch another one for him. Captain Jaggery said the needle was in the forecastle beneath the hammock in his chest. She went down to the door of the forecastle and heard some men talking. One man said that he would give the word and no one else would. Another man said that it would have to be soon because Jaggery is pushing them hard. “How many names do we have?” a third man asked. One man said seven. “I don’t like that girl spying,” one of the men said. Charlotte then knocked on the door and was let in. She went to Mr. Ewing’s chest and found a pistol. Charlotte immediately thought of the muskets in Captain Jaggery’s safe. She then grabbed a needle and closed the chest. When she was walking out, Charlotte stumbled on another chest and a piece of paper fell to the floor. She then stooped to the floor and picked it up. Upon picking it up, she stole a glance and saw a round robin on the peice of paper. Charlotte left the  forecastle and thought of everything she saw and heard and made a conclusion that there was a stowaway on the ship. She thought that because of the face she saw by her trunk and the person she saw climbing a rope when she was waiting on the dock. She decided to go tell Captain Jaggery. But, when she went up to the deck, Charlotte found she was being watched by the crew members. She still went to the Captain’s quarters to tell him. When she arrived Mr. Hollybrass and Captain Jaggery were talking. Mr. Hollybrass refused to leave so Charlotte told them both everything. Captain Jaggery was infuriated and told Mr. Hollybrass to call all hands on deck.

I chose this picture of a detective because Charlotte has been very clever and perceptive. She has figured many things out like the stowaway and what she saw by her trunk.


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                 In the beginning of the book The True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle Charlotte is at the docks of Liverpool, England following a man named Grummage. Grummage has specific orders by Charlotte’s father to lead Charlotte on to the boat the Seahawk, which was supposed to sail to  America. Charlotte was supposed to be traveling with two other families who were going to be her guardians. While she was on the dock Grummage told her that both of the families were not going to travel aboard the ship. This made Charlotte disappointed and she opposed riding on the ship alone.  Grummage had  been given strict orders by her father and told  Charlotte he wasn’t going to disobey his orders. So Charlotte then boarded the ship. Mr.Keech, the second mate, led Charlotte  to her room. When he held up his light a roach crawled across her bed! After she was settled a man by the name of Zachariah  asked if she would like some tea. While they were drinking the tea Zachariah gave Charlotte a knife saying that she could use it for protection. Charlotte then went back to her cabin and went to sleep. When she awoke  the next morning she realized that she needed to get off the ship, only to discover that  it had already left the docks. Charlotte then met captain Jaggery and tried to argue saying that she was ill (seasick) and that they needed to return to shore. But Captain  Jaggery made it clear that they would not be going back any time soon. Charlotte decided to go back to bed and then remained there for a few days. While she was in bed Zachariah sometimes came to her and fed her. When she woke up, four days later, she decided to go see Zachariah and return the knife. While she was trying to return the knife Zachariah explained why she needed it. He said that one year ago a sailor came under Captain Jaggery’s rage. Captain Jaggery then punished him by cutting off the sailors arm. The crew he has today is the same crew Jaggery had before, but they didn’t come for work; they came for revenge.


Now i am going to pretend to be Charlotte writing a note to Zachariah-

Dear Zachariah,

I would like to thank you for being so kind to me and tending to me while I was ill. It has come to my attention that you may not have any friends aboard this ship, so I would like to say that I shall be your friend. Surely it may not be proper for a fine young lady like me to be friends with a ship mate like you but surely i can make an exception. I just hope you can too.

With regards- Charlotte


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Here are the top five reasons why I love spring:

  1. I love the beautiful new flowers that sprout up
  2. The weather is warm and good for playing outside
  3. The trees become greener
  4. The butterflies and birds come backAll the ice and snow goes away

That is why I love Spring! (but I think I like Summer better)